Monday, March 28, 2016

Character Style: Ronald Bilius Weasley

Ronald Bilius Weasley

Ronald Bilius Weasley. Resident smartass of Hogwarts. So used to existing in his brothers' shadows that being friends with super-famous, albeit against his will, Harry Potter seems to be a fairly natural fit for Ron. The thing is, Ron is actually a talented Quidditch player and an incredibly loyal friend - thus, a natural Gryffindor. His nerves and his belief that he is always second best often work against him, but Ron deserves better from his own self-esteem. Even Dumbledore was so aware of Ron's crippling insecurities that he had the foresight to gift him the deluminator. He's also crazy good at Wizard's chess. He's a professional curser, and is often scolded by Hermione for sprinkling in one too many foul words. 

Ron is the sixth of seven Weasley children, and the youngest son. Therefore he's not only "The King" on the Quidditch pitch but also the king of hand-me-downs. He's your standard grade Weasley: Flame red hair, fair skin, and ample freckles. He has blue eyes and is described as "tall and lanky", although, in my book, 5'9 isn't particularly tall. Maybe I'm biased since I'm 5'10 and my 6'4 husband thinks I'm short. Ron often complains about all the maroon he's forced to wear, but it's actually oddly endearing against his ginger locks, and I secretly think he prefers it. He's going to be found wearing trainers, jeans, and comfy tees most of the time. In the winter he'll be bundled up under one of his mum's famous hand-knit Christmas sweaters. The only new things his parent's were ever been able to afford to give him are a new wand (to replace the one mangled by the Whomping Willow) as a reward for his bravery and his watch gifted on his 17th birthday (a traditional coming of age gift for wizards). 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Character Style: Hermione Jean Granger

Hermione Jean Granger

Trying something new out today: Character Styles! For my first trip down this dangerous new rabbit hole of inspiration, I went with Hermione from the Harry Potter. Only fitting since I'm in the midst of my Harry Potter Book Style series. 

Hermione is whip-smart and shares my overwhelming need to impart her knowledge on the less informed. (I'm sorry, I know it comes off as being a bossy know-it-all, but we just can't help ourselves.) She's also always concerned for the welfare of innocents and less powerful magical creatures and believes in equality with a ferocity I admire. I think she would be a pretty fierce environmentalist, even if she doesn't natural gravitate towards Herbology. She's also, definitely, a bonafide #feministkilljoy!

Physically, she has a rather unruly head of brown curls that she often wears loose or restrains in a braid. For special occasions she has been known to go through the effort of straightening it out into sleek updo's. Her brown eyes are usually buried in a book; the library is one of her favorite haunts. She's more concerned with studies than fashion, so her (off-duty) wardrobe is a mix of casual basics. Comfy t-shirts, oversized sweaters and hoodies. Denim and practical footwear. When she does dress up, for the Yule Ball or Bill & Fleur's wedding, she favors shades of lilac and periwinkle and stuns in simple silhouettes and jewelry. She would, of course, always have a watch on her, can't be late after all. I've never pictured Hermione being particularly fussed about makeup, either. Natural look at most. She's definitely always got a book on her, though. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Book Style: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

For the third Potter book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I wanted to do a lady-Sirius. As flawed as Sirius is as a character - I mean he makes Harry look like a downright calm, rational planner - I do still love and feel for him. The sacrifices he made out of loyalty to James are heart-wrenching. This outfit is less Sirius-post-Azkaban and more how I imagine a teenage girl version of Sirius would dress!

Of course I stuck with the motorcycle aesthetic. We have to annoy mum somehow! A pair of skinnies in "Grim Shadows Grey" tuck right into a pair of "Remus" boots. On top we'll toss on a witches tee under a "Shaggy Dog" sweater. Slip into a rebelliously bright motorcycle jacket and cinch your waist with a "Prisoner" belt before we move on and discuss accessories. 

A "Sirius" bracelet for your wrist and a rat ring for your fingers. "Moon Phase" earrings will add a bit of sparkle to your ears while a stag necklace will show the whole school where your true loyalties lie. Lacquer up your nails with "Shattered Souls" gold glitter polish and grab a "Stag" bag to hold all your books contraband and the marauders' map. Now off to the Shrieking Shack you go, Lupin is waiting for his pals.