Friday, June 24, 2016

Book Style: Lullaby

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I love me some Chuck Palahniuk. His twisted brain speaks to me. The very first thing I ever read of his was Lullaby. It still remains one of my favorites. For those of you not familiar with the basic plot, Carl Streator is a newspaper reporter assigned to work on a piece about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Streator, himself, lost his wife and infant child suddenly. As work progresses on his article he notices a disturbing pattern: All of the families involved had a copy of Poems and Rhymes Around the World open to an African "culling song"; the same poem he read his wife and child the night they passed. Streator eventually realizes the culling song works and sets out with a real estate agent, Helen Hoover Boyle, to destroy all the remaining copies of the poem to prevent further deaths. Joining them on their hunt is Helen's assistant, Mona Sabbat, and Mona's boyfriend, Oyster. 

For this Book Style I was channelling Mona more than any other character. A little bit punk, a little bit hippie, a lot of I-do-as-I-please. Also, next time I say I'm going to style a book with a predominantly white cover, sit me down and ask me to reevaluate my decisions! I started with these denim shorts that honestly tie more into the book cover than the book in anyway. I tossed a pair of white fishnets on the legs. An oversized white "Rhymes" tee and an oyster-colored, vegan-friendly moto jacket have the top half covered. For shoes, a pair of "Rhyme" boots in "white peace" will keep your feet comfy and dry while you road trip the country in search of a killer poem. A "Carl" belt adds some weight to the outfit.For jewelry I fell in love with this skull nose ring and "Until Death Do Us Part" ring. A "Mona" pendant and a pair of "Africa" gold studs rounds out the ensemble. 

Does anyone else love Mr. Palahniuk as much as I do? What's your favorite book?

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